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Why Choose PrintOnMyTee.com?

PrintOnMytee.com can bring your business to the next level with high-quality custom t-shirts, embroidery, signs, banners and promotional products. Top of the line printing services combined with customization options that are tailored to suit your needs provide you with everything you need to promote your brand. You want your brand to stand out, and our Promotional Services will help you do just that.

PrintOnMytee.com offers many competitive advantages that make us your best choice for custom t-shirts, promotional materials and printing services. Your job will be done right and on-time—or early.

Whatever promotional products you’re looking for, whether they’re banners, custom t-shirts or other forms of apparel, you can be confident that you’re receiving the highest quality printing services in the industry.  

Printing Done Right

Our print center is a one-stop-shop to revolutionize your brand through the wide variety of services we offer. Having your custom t-shirts, branded apparel, signs and banners, promotional products and printing services done in one place means not only more convenience for you, but also increased consistency across your product line. We work to get your products done right and provide timely answers to any questions you may have. You get the peace-of-mind of knowing that your logo can appear consistently wherever you choose to put it. This helps your brand be more recognizable, and the increased consistency gives consumers a sense of reliability in your business.

If you need some feedback on your designs, our Image Experts are happy to help you make the best promotional products possible.

Our Printing Processes


Embroidery is an age-old process of weaving a design onto fabric using a thread and needle. Today, instead of someone actually sewing a design by hand, a digital file is created that tells a machine how and where to put each stitch. Embroidery works best with simple, low color count logos or artwork. Photographs and artwork with fine detail or small lettering usually can not be embroidered. We'll be sure to contact you if this is the case and recommend ways we can alter your design or suggest other alternatives.


Screen printing allows for much more exact color matching than other print methods. Ink is placed on its appropriate screen and then we squeegee ink through the mesh screen onto the shirt. The colors are layered on top of one another to create the final design. The final step involves running your shirt through a large dryer to "cure" the ink and prevent it from washing out.


The t-shirt is loaded into an oversized "inkjet" printer. A combination of white and CMYK inks are laid onto the shirt to create the design. Once the print has finished, the shirt is cured using heat to prevent the design from washing out.

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